SIG 3D joins German National SDI

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German Spatial Data Infrastructure (GDI-DE) collaborates with Special Interest Group SIG 3D

Dear list members,

The National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Germany called GDI-DE, is now addressing the 3D topic. The Special Interest Group SIG 3D has become a part of GDI-DE and in this context is creating the national and international network of 3D activities. The SIG 3D is hoping to attract members from across Europe.

The SIG 3D is a national und international independent working group that deals with questions concerning modelling, storage, generation, use, visualisation and marketing of 3D city and landscape models. In particular, SIG 3D encourages the set-up of 3D Spatial Data Infrastructures with the aim of an improved availability and use of 3D geoinformation in all possible application areas. The work of SIG 3D is based on international standards.

Until now the SIG 3D was a part of the sub-national Spatial Data Infrastructure of North Rhine-Westphalia (GDI NRW). Since 2002, 60 partners of national and international economics, science and administration bodies from Germany and overseas have worked together. The SIG 3D is an open working group, so any interested party can participate. The members of SIG 3D currently come from across Germany and neighbouring European countries.

Since the beginning of 2010 the SIG 3D is part of GDI-DE and as such delivers a national and international network of 3D activities. SIG 3D meets at least four times a year. The common working results developed by SIG 3D are available to all SIG 3D members for the purpose of knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

SIG 3D has created the specification of the 3D modelling and exchange format CityGML (City Geography Markup Language). CityGML was accepted as an official standard of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) in August 2008.

Right now SIG 3D is working on the following topics:

  • Business modelling the operation of 3D city models
  • Specification of 3D data acquisition methods; continuation of 3D data
  • Implementation/enlargement of CityGML in new application fields
  • ALKIS 3D
  • 3D visualisation
  • Cooperation to build-up 3D activities in INSPIRE
  • Cooperation with OGC.

Speaker of SIG 3D, Dr. Egbert Casper (Zerna Ingenieure GmbH),
Further information:
Angela Czerwinski


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